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Dear reader

A few months ago, I drove into a ditch! I was traveling with my mother and brother, and neither of us saw it in time to avoid it. Stuck, we decided to get more brains and hands to help us with finding solutions. We tried digging all around the front wheel that was stuck, but still the car did not budge. It stayed the whole night in that position until the next day when more help came and finally the car was free to get back on path and we could enjoy it again.
This brought to light the ditches we face daily that halt us from moving on: whether it be in our work environments, personal environments or faith, that are often unavoidable. More often than not, they are always there to teach us a lesson we should pay attention to, for the sake of our travels.

The car stuck in a ditch.

This month, we take a closer look at some of the challenges we face in different aspects of our society and our writers give their thoughts on how to get Back to Path.
New categories, such as Business; Education; Health; Inspired2Give and Self have been added, contented with mind and spirit challenging articles.

Read Inspired4Writers exclusive interview with acapella sensation: The Soil, as they share on their faith, dreams and how they got back to path from the ‘ditches’ in their experiences.
An exciting new endeavour has been established: Inspired2Give. The concept of giving remains close to us, so see how we kicked off on this new initiative.
Our poets also interpret what the theme means to them.

This month is packed with great reads, so do treat your mind & spirit to them, and share your thoughts on the content provided.

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Kabelo Khanye