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By: Nqobile Khoele

Nqobile Khoele


In this month I would like to look at the relationship with self, it’s all about the body that attracts the eye, the soul that fills you up and the mind which controls the body. Keep in mind that these three works hand in hand, let us go back to basics and see if we still the original that God made or have become a copy of everyone else. 

Firstly we are going to look at physical part of yourself, the outer being that says a lot about you before you even speak, learn to love your physic don’t look at anybody else and want to be like them if God had wanted us all to be the same he would have made us like that but he didn’t and thank goodness for that. You are perfect it is how you take care of this work of art that can either make you fall more in love with yourself or hate every part of it. When you stand in front of the mirror in your birthday suit it either yes I love me or I need work out. Know how to dress your body from size to colours that complements your skin type. Lastly love your body be it skinny cover page body, African curves fit for a queen or big and fuzzy great to hug. Maintain a healthy body at all times.

The eyes are the window to your soul, the spiritual part of you is where your Maker dwells and nobody else it the sacred space, when everything around you is falling apart it stays at peace, when you hit sky-high it remains humble. Feed your spirit with God’s word, allow Him to work in you to teach you, reveal His purpose, to know His plans and to understand His greatness so you don’t live a life doing the opposite of what God wants you to follow, where the Spirit lead and live a life that leave you spiritually fulfilled and at peace because you are living a life holy and pure.

Lastly the mind controls the body, whatever the mind says the body does. You feed your mind with worthless information you will live a life that will be worthless. Spend more time on how to be the best you can be do more to fulfil your life, spend time empowering yourself with education and educate those around you. Think positive even when situation is bad, be in control of your thoughts “whatever your mind thinketh it shall be”. The mind is simple it’s all about what you feed it your life is shaped by your thoughts.

Everything you are today is everything you have been feeding your mind, your spirit and your body. If you are sad you have yourself to blame, if you are over-weight you have the person looking back at you in mirror to blame and if haven’t achieve some of your goals again it’s your own fault. Spend more time with yourself and God start again and be more original and less of a copy of everyone you meet in your life be content we you and groom yourself to be what God wants you to be with that you will live a long and fruitful life of no regrets. You are Gods’ best never doubt yourself ever!