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By: Gasela Magasela

Gasela Magasela

Little did I know that you never ever loved me, let alone liked me?

Just like I’d do to a chewing gum, you chewed and sucked all my clear thinking.

 My thoughts had become pale.

The memories are in black and white.


Little did I know that to you I had become a knife that had only been sharp for a second.

 Sin and I had become intact, too attached to be separated by a mere pep talk.


Little did I know that I was better off without you.

You are nothing but a serious pain in one’s part of life.

In actual truth, you are a pain to the whole human race.

People can’t feel the pain you are because their ears have gone numb.

Little did I know that a plush gentleman I am, for you had told me I was not.

Your dismaying voice whispering in those wonderfully made ears of mine.

Your evil words my innocent lips used to utter, I’m ashamed.

But little did you know your time had ended.

Yes, like a puff of smoke in the air you disappeared.

In my system you are no longer.

Little did you know a day like this would come and neither did I.