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By: Mpumelelo Macheke

Mpumelelo Macheke

Organic are we?

Far have we strayed from our journey of pure intentions?

Far have we come on this road of compromise and competition?

Will all this matter?

When we’re on the banks of breakdown?
The boarders of insanity?
When we’re at the epitome of devotion to pseuds and deceit?
When karma breaketh our knees because we broketh the rules of God while desperately following the direction of those who were conceived to mislead?
Or that moment when all the swamps of sin are peeled from your eyes
and that friend we love to hate – Realisation – taps us gently on our heavy shoulders to inform us:
That everything we thought could last a satisfactory lifetime,
only makes the possibilities of forsaken journey thrive in eminence .


Don’t smell the coffee!

Smell the aromas that hazed your childhood with memories.
Eat the fruits that made your infancy that much fonder.
Play the music that holds your body delicate earnest,
while you lose all proximity of mental imprisonment.
Write letters to your 12-year-old self and ask if they are proud of you.

A journey that your eyes witness before them is dependent on the being that remembers
the acid taste of loss when life left you devoid of fairytales that had become you reality.
And the feeble moments when life rewards you with cinnamon flavored tears
as you had wrestled challenges with stubborn roots- weeding out lessons in their essence – one by precious one.

Grow your seeds.

Bare fruits of content before those of success.
Fruits that even generations after you will yearn to eat.

Keep Walking, Beloved.
Keep Walking.