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By: Sel Kute

Sel Kute

Welcome.. To..
Train-track Poetic Metro Rails
The derailed one-seated train of thought has been removed/
Ballooned and broken up into pieces scattered across a metaphysical train-track/
The path has been missed by stormy covered brain cells sending intrinsic messages by rain-fax/
This train that “Of Thought” has been engraved on releases toxic Knowledge-like steam/
A hybrid of electric imaginations rising from the seams/
Powered by fifteen-cents-a-litre nostalgic dreams/
Driver-less yet Getting Back To Path/
Powerless yet Getting Back To Path/
The life of a train-roller sounding brain/
Travelling through scenic life images shaded by stains/ and stains/ of ironically stainless glass/
Overlooking the track, can’t wait to get back, to return/
Getting Back/
Getting Back To Path.