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By: Thobezweni Sithole

Thobezweni Sithole

Glory be to God for an unforgettable experience I had with other Christians at a camp where we had to read the full council of God’s word, the Canon; the 66 Books in which every word is God-breathed, the Bible.

“For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to the division soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”(Heb4:12)

I was privileged to be with people as young as 60 to the regular high school girl who had her eyes set on reaching the “Amen” in Revelations. To be honest that was the driving factor for most of us first timers, to finish the bible in 6 days, but God had a better purpose for all of us; that is why we were with people who have been coming back for the annual event to read the Word, diligently. 

It was a multi social environment, united by God for us to hear him speak and to see his universal plan for all humanity who in Genesis 3 lost all fellowship with him. It was also filled with practical ways of living, the disobedience of his chosen people, the wrath of God, the love of God and above all, the gift he gave us through his Son, Christ Jesus who brings reconciliation between humanity and the Father.


I met a young Afrikaner lady who was coming back for the 6th time and she said every year has been a different experience with God’s word. This is true because I witnessed a man who is a Bible lecturer with two Theological Doctorates, who has read the bible numerously; he too had a red pen ready to underlining his bible. We had a newly converted Dutch man in his late 40’s who was previously a Jehovah’s Witness for 17 years in awe, as we were reading he couldn’t contain himself as he kept saying “Yo!!!” 

Reading the bible the way we did was for the purpose of seeing the bigger picture, how everything fits together and how the questions you have in the Old Testament are answered in the New Testament. This, my friends didn’t answer all the questions I personally have but it did change my life my thoughts and my attitude. I have more questions and God say’s “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman not ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.”(2Tim2:15)

This, friends is a privilege and blessing that everyone can experience; all you need is a set of eyes, ears and a large print NIV bible. I pray that next year I will be going with some of you to this overwhelming experience of great literature filled with laughter, tears, lots of coffee and our minds conscious of God’s everlasting presence in every page, paragraph, sentence and word. Amen.