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Lance Mosiea

By: Lance Mosiea

The current political warfare ensuing within the corridors of Luthuli House, have created an atmospheric pressure so intense, that the stable pillars of our political world seem to be falling down, powerless into the ditch of despair, poor governance and doubt that will inevitably see the full breakdown of the imperative structure of governance, this country stands on.

Leading to the impromptu press briefing on April 3rd by the ‘Top Six’ Heads of governance within the ANC, expelled ANCYL leader – Julius Malema jabbed sour remarks to President Zuma’s administration, deeming it that of dictatorship and that the youth of this country were subject to the oppression under this regime. This is a far cry from the war-cries made by the expelled youth leader, not so far back, proclaiming that “The ANCYL was prepared to kill for Zuma…”. But that comes as no surprise as the expelled youth leader has not come to terms with his expulsion and has furthermore sort to cause even more party disrepute and division by seeking providence from the courts of our land.

The evolution of the monster that the mother body has created (that is the ANC) seems to, not only be biting the very hand it was fed by but also, seeks to fire shots that the mother body cannot handle on its road to the Leadership Elective Conference that will be held in Mangaung later this year. Questions of uncertainty relating to who will hold the presidential seat and so forth seem to be fuelled by the calamity imbruing as the current leaders seem to be putty within the hands of Juju.

But as much as the political stability of this country hangs in the balance, other socio-economic factors seem to be experiencing turmoil of their own kind. Pointing more directly to the recent labour union – COSATU’s –  nationwide march against the e-tolling systems (that will soon be come into operation on Gauteng roads) and labour brokers within the economic fraternities of our country, the ‘ditch’ mentioned above seems to be accommodating more than one victim into the fall. The end result of this all is that, the poor keep on getting poorer and the rich becoming even richer.

The solution to throw in a life-saver into this ditch, seems to be lying flat in the faces of those who seem to care to open their eyes. WE NO LONGER CAN DEPEND ON GOVERNMENT TO FIX OUR PROBLEMS. Plain and simple. Perhaps the vision of a democratic country for those fallen, stalwarts, veterans and existing figures alike was not meant to be built-in the young 18 years of its flourishing, but in a more gradual, progressive age, where we have to experience our teething pains first, before we could eat our solid foods. We need to stand, solidly on our own two feet and do what is best for us, not wait for manna to be fed to us by government and hope that it’ll nourish us. In the long run, this is our democracy, not the governments.

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