Gomolemo Legoale

By: Gomolemo Legoale

“I don’t have a sound system; air con and a hand brake but I have Zest4Life!” – This is what my scooter says to hundreds of cars each and every day. Cars insult it with a hooter, with a growling engine and short-tempered revs although my scooter becomes the turtle that wins the race against the hare, every single day.


I am a 20-year-old male; I aspire to be a millionaire.


In my high school years I used to walk 6km to school and back. It wasn’t poverty, it was merely life. After a year of walking I convinced myself that walking was time well spent – with myself. This was only because it was the only time I would sing, dance and practice public speaking. Funny thing about walking home is that an estimated 45% of students walk, although you always end up walking alone. Walking gave me humility and endless energy. Through walking I was always prepared for each day and never afraid of tomorrow. Walking made me who I was, but I needed to be who I am now.


At a later stage in my life I had interviews, meetings, school functions, community outreach programmes, castings & etc. If you are not a coconut then taxis will do the job, but for some weird reason taxis would put me in a worse situation than I was before. I.e. KFC had asked my agency to interview me for still shots of me smiling just before eating the chicken piece. The interview was at 09h00 in Athol. I left home at 07h30.I had asked the taxi driver to take me to a specific road, offering him much more. The taxi driver took me to a road that seemed like the correct one. That road was 1,5km long. I had not anticipated that part. I wanted to make a good impression – I ran in my nicest clothes for 12mins, to a point that me running faded into me jogging, and then walking. I entered the premises at 09h07. I took two minutes to settle down and wipe the sweat off my forehead, nose and to catch my breath. I was only 7 minutes late, to an influential person 7 minutes are 70 minutes late. Being late is an expression of someone who cannot handle the little situations life gives him or her, someone who cannot contain them.


At that moment I told myself I will never be late again. I saw a need for my own transport, and I wanted a transporting solution now! I wanted a vehicle that was reasonably priced and that I could love. When I paged through car magazines all I would see was “R190 000”, “R350 000”, even “R45 000” seemed farfetched for a student. I grew up aspiring to be independent. I wanted to take situations on and this was one of them. * We all have dreams, but in the morning we have reality *. In the morning we compete with time.  I found a friend that woke up with me, that waved past the Bentley’s on Grayston drive with me. I found a friend that made each day feel like a Sunday ride. A found a friend that still gave me uninterrupted time with myself. I found my hero, my scooter. For R9 000, it gave me a new life. It gave me Zest for life. This 150 cc only goes up to 110km/h, with this I accelerate past the Mercedes’, the BMWs, I literally accelerate past the traffic frustration.


You must be asking how much is petrol? How far does the full tank take you? What do you need?


Full tank is R50, which goes for 65km. A trip from school to work is R10 which is 13km. You only need a learners’ licence. Parking is easy. I go anywhere with it – to a point that I am asked to be an ambassador for scooter companies. Yes give me a car any day, but I’ll take my “dwing dwing” every day.