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Neo Mofokeng

By: Neo Mofokeng


And again I stumbled; bruised my skin and before I tumbled

A rather hard fall against the same obstacle; and it’s not the first time

God knows I didn’t want to do it, with my heart and soul I still don’t

He saw me try not to; and He also sees me now that I have as well

But in His Word He promised for so long as I will He’ll help me get up and dusted

Long as my every fall doesn’t keep me down

I’ve been promised to get picked up


So I tread carefully around rocks of sin so as not to stumble

Hard I pray, believing I’ve got faith I meander forwards

God-ward is the direction and pleasing Him’s my every intention

But – contrary to my thoughts I find myself having again fallen

Short of His mercy, and so forth God reaches down to me.

Logic suggests God will no longer know my name, I’m too fallible

The book of life no longer knows my name; it was erased as I erred


These all were false notions I had before God my mind transformed

I’ve learnt logic and human flaw can only push me closer to God

Each time I do fall mercy and grace are ever there to pick me up

More than that they navigate me to God’s narrow path

Now steadily – confidently – God guiding my footing I get close to Him

I’m done thinking by my thought I can please God; I know that by reading His mind

Shall I be on the right path… Walking Worship is My Life…