By: Nonjabulo Zondi

Nonjabulo Zondi

Chapter one: My awakening

For anybody who knows me, the words that would come up most often to describe me is determination and focus.  I always knew that I wanted to be different and with this knowledge came heaps of sacrifices. I never could have imagined the amount of hard work it would take to arrive to where I am as I write this blog. I would dub my matric year as the beginning of my consciousness and my awareness of myself within the world. My matric year was the year I not only made some tough decisions to let go of friendships I felt were contributing to my insecurities, but also was the year I truly began to develop an understanding of God. In my quest for finding myself, I studied Architecture at Wits, as a way to prove to myself I could do whatever my heart desired. I graduated in 3 years and Wits taught me some thorny lessons about life along the way.

Chapter two: The beginning of a life long journey

The most difficult period of my life thus far, beyond any doubt, was the year of 2011. I had just graduated from Wits and was looking for a job. I was fortunate enough to find a job, but that job was in Polokwane! I prayed on it, and I asked my mother for advice and I finally decided sacrifices needed to be made in order to be where I wanted to be in life. At this point I was not aware I would be sacrificing not only days with the ones I loved, but also a part of my sanity. I had a very unkind experience living with some family friends who, initially, were kind enough to welcome me into their home for the duration of my stay in Polokwane. The experience tested me. I was alone, and I was misunderstood. In those six months, I had nobody but God. I asked God daily why this was happening to me, and one day the answer was clear as day. I had prayed for something, and God was delivering. I had prayed for an even better relationship with my mother, and in the time I was in Polokwane our relationship grew to greater strengths through the support she gave to me, even when I wanted to quit. I had prayed to know God better, and He gave me silence. I had prayed for an opportunity to study over-seas and He gave it to me when I felt my strength waning and needed a way out the most. The opportunity to come study in Paris was life changing and a true blessing and I am truly grateful and humbled.

I was asked to write something about my experience in Paris and what I can say after seven months in this beautiful city is that I have grown. Paris represents who I have become. I have made some amazing friends, travelled, become independent, laughed, cried, grieved the loss of a friend and through it all I have prayed.  I realized that I was being prepared for Paris when God took me to Polokwane.  I have also learnt my limits, and what I am not willing to do to get to where I want to be in life.

To be continued…

Even though I am where I wanted to be, this only means I push forward and further, set new goals, envision new dreams. I am thankful for the life I have now and even though it is not easy, I am happy.

Nonjabulo and her new friends.

Just another Parisian day