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Thoriso Lethetsa

By: Thoriso Lethetsa

Businesses have day to day challenges, but often we tend to find ourselves in the business sector not knowing what to do. When we look at the topic of finding yourself in a ditch, the topic given to me by the editor, one tends to question himself as to how did I get into this ditch or situation in the business world. I am hoping by the end of this article you will be able to avoid getting into ditches and if you are in some, you will be able to get out of them.

Getting into a ditch can be simplified by saying that you were going somewhere but because of lack of vision, you encountered an obstacle which was not planned for.

I have been exposed to the business world for a long time and I have come to a conclusion that lack of planning many times is the one thing that gets us into business ditches: which are lack of profit making or not being able to deliver service on time or not having cliental. These, like I said, are brought on by not planning, so what you can do as a business person or someone who plans to get into the business world is to apply the principle of POLC: which is Planning, Organising, Leading and Controlling.

When we look at the ditches above, how do we plan for them?

  1. You need to make sure you have a good business plan which clearly outlines what we are doing as a business. The mission and vision of the business must be clear and accurate as it holds the key to us not getting into these ditches.
  2. You need to have good strategic plans so that even when you get into those ditches you are able to get out quickly

When we look at the ditches above how do we organise for them?

  1. Organising is the critical part of avoiding ditches as this helps with executing your plans. So you need to know how you are going to put your plan into action.
  2. You need to make sure that the people you are working with see your vision as well due to the fact  they also need to understand  where we are going as an organisation

Leading helps with avoiding ditches.

  1. As a leader you need to be able to communicate with your team as to how things should be done to avoid getting into ditches.
  2. You need to be able to motivate your team to get the best out of them.

Controlling helps with looking back on whether you executed your strategies well or not.

  1. You as the business owner, need to evaluate why you got into the ditch and how you got out so that you can use it for future reference.
  2. As the business owner you need to evaluate if your strategies were effective enough to keep you away from the ditch.

As a business owner, following the POLC principle is not enough. You also need to draw closer to GOD and understand the plans He has for you. The Bible says in Jeremiah 18:6, O house of Israel, can’t I do with you as this potter? Says the Lord. Behold, as the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are you in My hand, O house of Israel. 

So when we look at this scripture, we can see that we are in the hands of GOD no matter what and if you read verses 1-8 you will understand further that GOD is the one in charge no matter what.

In a nutshell, we can see that being in a ditch does not have to hold you down long term but having foresight of where you are going helps a lot with not getting into ditches. Considering that GOD has you in His hand means you don’t have to worry a lot, so do your part and He will do His part. Amen