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Dear reader

Grade 1 learner

I recently came across a picture of a grade 1 learner on their first day at ‘the big school’. For the most part, you and I can remember what that day felt like: the nerves, heart palpitations at the thought of making new friends and essentially, the change you knew had come and all the possibilities it brought with it.

Today, 3 March 2012, we as Inspired4Writers blog mark our first day. How a gift such as this was seeded from a conversation with a close friend, Mduduzi Nhlapho, to its fruitful manifestation, is a testament to the wonderous and marvelous works of the God we worship. Just as this grade 1 pupil, we too are excited to experience the possibilities this avenue, ablaze with Christ-centered passion, will bring.

‘Attaining Thy Highest Self’: this is the launching theme. We exist through a series of experiences that bear lessons for us to attain a higher state of self and society. Our writers for this month have expressed their thoughts on a higher vision for themselves (Additional Words) as well as different fields in society (Articles).

The Lessons Learned section is a platform for giving a testimony, in the spirit of thanksgiving, of a life-altering experience that has propelled you into leading a better quality life because of those lessons and read, in the Poetry section, how our writers express their interpretation of a higher self.

We invite you to engage with the writers on their writing pieces: adding your comments and suggestions, as well as extend the invitation to those of you who wish to write for Inspired4Writers. The dream is to have you thinking and talking more about operating as the best expressions of yourself thus living more abundantly.

With Love,,

Kabelo Khanye