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By: Ntombizethu Dhlodhlo

Always seek Promotion in the Spirit

“For His Spirit joins with our spirit to affirm that we are God’s children”- Romans 8v16

Promotion in the Spirit is the ability to grow spiritually in your knowledge of God as well as being Christ-like, following in Jesus Christ’s ways. One’s knowledge of God can easily be attained by reading the bible but applying and understanding God’s word is another story. Ephesians 4v23 says, “instead, let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes” therefore when attaining promotion in the Spirit, one needs to remember that knowledge received from the bible is meant to transform you and this transformation is as a result of understanding which will ultimately lead one to wisdom and revelations. This ability will enable you to attain thy highest self.

Satan has no problem with you, as long as you don’t grow spiritually. This would require one to move from intellectually trying to interpret what the word says to spiritually accepting the word for what it is. John 6v63 reminds us that the Spirit alone gives eternal life and human effort accomplishes nothing.

John 4v24 says that, “for God is Spirit, so those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth”. Sometimes we don’t need to scream and shout, asking God for things, but instead we should lose ourselves in prayer just to worship and trusting in the Lord that He can do all things. This type of spiritual promotion is one granted from God’s mercy and grace. When one realises that in any given situation, whether happy or sad, you always acknowledge God for the omnipotent being He is. This is a free gift from God, a gift that will contribute to your spiritual growth and grant light in walking on God’s path.

It took growth in trusting God for Ezekiel to bring the dead bones back to life. The bible says he spoke to them (Ezekiel 37v7). You see, in some situations we don’t need to kneel down and pray but we need to command them- this is faith in action. Promotion in the spirit equips one to react to any situation appropriately and this depicts a mature and strong individual in the body of Christ.

Finally, be baptised in the spirit. Like they say “quake in tongues”, it will confuse the enemy. It will make the devil quake. Jehovah reminds us about the power of worship in any given situation. Refuse mediocrity in the spirit! Refuse to be religious! Religion is possible without the Holy Ghost, but Christianity is not. Be Christ-conscious all the time, that caste out fear, believe me. Know who you are dealing with and if we have God by our side, who can stand against us?