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By: Noni Silomo

Finally, I understand now

Oh darkness

How you flashed your dark flames

Towards me- your eyes

And in one glance

You collected your power

You collected my inner being

You replaced the light

With a hollow shell

Your deluding fate

Shrouded me in its mists

I longed to stay with you,

To hear you say my name

For named, we are owned

I wanted to hear your sweet voice

Cover me like a blanket of honey

But oh!

How my soul longs for its light

For its glory

To be able to take a step higher

To eliminate the darkness

– the obstacle to my fullness

The light is gone

But it must come back

It must come back

To cast a halo around

The shattered bits of my heart

I see

The brightness is already preparing

To return to its home

The source of all light in me

The source of my success

My hope

My being

My dream

It is returning

To me