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By: Mduduzi Nhlapho

Inspired …so where do I start? Apparently the beginning is not a bad place to start. My whole life I could sing, in fact as a child I participated in many musical competitions, so the gift was at least evidently identified from a very young age. However, it was only in grade 7 that I stumbled upon the idea of writing. My friend Stanley came to school one day and recited some rap music that he wrote to me. I doubt I knew this form of music existed. I went from writing love songs and poems for girls, to writing rap music during my high school days and back to soul music again until this time. Except now, my content and my soul is ordered (Inspired) by God.

It was not until January 2011, at the Grace Bible Church prayer week, that it hit me. It was revealed to me why I am unsettled in my gift. I move from writing about black to white without finding any grey areas with ease …I lacked PURPOSE! I didn’t know what this gift was for except making me popular and egotistical because I knew I was great at something. Pastor Mosa spoke about purpose in such a direct and clear way, I felt as if I was the only person he was speaking to in that building…until he said something I can vaguely remember along the lines of ‘God has given all of us a purpose (quoted scripture in 1 Corinthians) and it would be a shame to die without fulfilling yours’. That shook me, in a good way though, because I found the urgency to serve God with my gift, to minister to others about the same word and give glory to God about it all.

And so as I went to the alter-call somewhere during that week, Inspired was born. It had no name at that stage but it had a purpose….”To preach the Good News in whatever it is that God has instilled in you”. That day I went on a purpose drive and immediately I began to see music and art, in a very different way. I began to write music differently, sing differently too, and I understood because of the conviction and peace the content now gave me, that God is at work now. Hence, one of my popular phrases for Inspired is “God is talented, I’m just a tool”.

Inspired is a movement, not a music group, however the music group is where God began to drive the vision He has inspired in me. There is no coincidence with God. Prior to our first performance, which was at last years June Convention, I had explained to the mandate the vision and the Inspiration behind it all to the first group of ministers I called to help propel this movement. But because I did not want to impose, I asked them to give the group a name based on what I’ve told them …and that’s how we coined Inspired. Perfect fit, as Rev. Khanye  once revealed to me that it is wrong or rather questionable to be Inspired by someone, for the word ‘Inspired’ is derived from (etymology) “in spirit” and therefore it is either the spirit of God or of the world that you serve, not another person. So people can influence us, but not Inspire us. Eg. God Inspired creation, simply meaning that it came from His Spirit.

Inspired is a movement, a hub whereby people can come in and use whatever it is that God has Inspired in them to minister to the masses. Whether it’s through the gift of writing, singing, playing an instrument, dancing, drawing etc. or that in which we have those who are Inspired to pray, fast and thus intercede on our behalf. Whatever it is, if it’s from God and it edifies the church (body of Christ), then it shall be done. In short, it is a movement to minister in truth and in spirit through gifts.

So far, we have launched the music group, and just recently with the help and leadership of my brother Kabelo “K-stash” Khanye, we recently launched the platform for which I write …Inspired4Writers. I am praying for a dance group (Inspired Dancers) and greater heights for there are many talents that lie dormant in our churches, just like mine did. And if we don’t minister purpose to them, the world has more than enough room for them to serve it’s master


1 Corinthians 12