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By Jabulile Mpanza

If it were so that we could take away all the pain, would we be the same?

If it were so that we could predict the end, would we even begin?

If it were so that we knew the footsteps of our days to come, would we remain in bed?

If it were so that we could steal a glimpse of tomorrow, would we augment our today to avoid its sorrow?

If it were so that we truly believed that He knows what is best for us, would we still play His role and attempt to write the next chapter of our lives?

If it were so that we began to fall into the world view that we are the ‘champions of our hearts’, would we be left with the voids within which sink into a bottomless hole?

If it were so that our faith begun to live in our actions, would our flesh take a backseat and He that is within us take precedence in all that is about us?

If it were so that all laughter was a manifestation of joy, would the hide behind the smile be a meaning of greater things to come in miles and miles time?

If it were so that our failures were hurdles to greatness, would I still be overcome by disappointment when the track seems too difficult to conquer anymore laps?

Maybe it is so…

So that I can learn

So that I can realize that there is more to this life than the time it takes to heal or set out to accomplish goals that have already happened in a future already written.

So that we can grow, let go, grow, let go,

Maybe it is so…

So that His love would cloth me, moisturise me and fill me with that thing, that one, which surpasses all understanding. Yes, peace.

So maybe it is so that wishful thinking results in faith,

That the regrets of what was are taken to him who is, has been, and is yet to come, the I AM.

To fold and to burn, or to mould and return, or to hold and remind, that we are nothing if He weren’t so.

So no, the constant questionings of ‘if it were so’ do not change the daily, fulfilling magnificence of the one whom I serve who has already figured out the crux of my being, my so, so, so, so soul.