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By: Solange Palermo

I have clothes in my cupboard from when I was 14 years old, sometimes I’d try them on hoping they would fit like they used to. I listened to my mom, took my vitamins and obviously nature did its job and I grew. Change is inevitable. Many people want change and others prefer things to stay the same: they are comfortable with what they know.

But change is the only constant. This is how I felt about leaving high school, taking my gap year and then BAM- I’m a first year at university. I did have the speeches about how ‘taking a gap year will be the worst decision’ and how I’ll be ‘too lazy to study again’. I knew it was the right thing to do. I wasn’t going to study just for the sake of studying. I needed to be 120% sure of what was to be one of the biggest decisions of my life. I thought working in my gap year gave me some preparation for university – but its something so different.

*Every choice you make will affect the next day.

I do have many “free” days, and that’s what university does. It creates the illusion that you have so much free time to sleep, watch your series on TV and BBM the whole day, but when you get back to campus, oh gosh , just be prepared for everyone saying “how is the essay going”? What essay? Oh snap- those 5 hours you used to sleep or BBM have been wasted! I’ll never forget what my one lecturer told all the first years: “Your social life as you know it, is over, you no longer have friends, and say goodbye to your family”. Oh wow, did I sign on to boot camp?

But I am finally doing what I want to do. Luckily I had the choice to decide on my tertiary education and no matter how many lectures I get on how tough and tiring and competitive my career choice is, I want it! I’m excited for this challenge: I want to see what is next! Although I’ve only been in university for 2 weeks and this might sound like novelty, but its okay. I know there will be some thunder storms and “I hate university moments” but the sun has to show its face.

It is exciting. Change is scary but it’s needed: we grow with each experience and learn from our new surroundings. This is just the beginning!