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By: Mpumelelo Macheke

Emancipation: Journey to Thy Highest Self

This is the last time I stare into your uninspiring eyes.

The last time I lend an ear to your abrasive advice

and my body to your corrosive care.

The last time you blow the disrespectful smoke of cancer sticks in my face.

Up my nostrils.

In my teary eyes.

My bags are packed with lessons learned.

My hands; innocent enough to evoke emotion once more.

With the divine rejuvenation of these feet – ready to lobby me into a journey of unknown honey and happiness – I shall leave you.

Leave you behind to dwell in the glory of rot.

I humbly dare you to make me look behind these, my footsteps of emancipation; so infant.

Even if this frozen home –

Woven with stale love and shallow pits hate were to combust,

causing every follicle of hair on the arch of my neck to stand up and rejoice,

I Will Not Look Back.

The journey to Myself in Thy Highest commences with no mistake.

I Will Not Look Back.