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By: Letuka Mosiea-Motloung

The year 2010 dawnedquite a milestone in the country’s
ruling party. It marked their centenary year of existence and with that, festive
celebrations and memorials for past presidents and struggle veterans were set to be in order. Fittingly so, for one of the longest surviving political parties in the world, the African National Congress (ANC) had stood triumphant through all
the eras South Africa, as the democratic republic it has come to be, has seasoned through.

Revered dignitaries and leading political figures and activists the world over graced our land to partake in the well-deserved celebrations of the legacy created by a party that has stood the test of time many deaths later, many politically motivated arrests later, and many bans later and in totality, many years later.
But many other political heads become a bit touched, when, in essence the ruling party was and is hauled and applauded as the political party that excelled in transitioning this country into the democratic nation it has become today. When many of the fallen (and some still standing) voices which were not part of the ANC’s fraternity, aren’t fairly celebrated as struggle veterans that also made a noticeable difference in envisioning a county that has come to be one which its people are one of the most liberated in most social dynamic spheres, in the global village, a sense of selfishness and deep pride is propelled by the powers that be.

Fast-forwarding to today, 18 years into democracy, the country as a whole hasn’t fully nurtured into a state full of hope and sound governing it is supposed to be.
The issue of attaining a higher sense of consciousness comes into debate when it is suppressed by a nation where the standards of excellence are idealistic and in most cases, often unattainable because so much of them have been established, purely on the basis of wanting to compete and/or paint a picture of pretence that often misleads the very artists that hold the paintbrushes of social reform and transformation.

The laws of this country need no change, they should be enveloped with proper governance and social political activation. The basis of our world-renowned Constitution holds enough power and stability to act as a pillar to spearhead proper policy construction, effective control of state power and act as a source for one to act in a proper, befitting manner where attaining a higher sense of self is the order in mind.

One needs to concede that a higher sense of consciousness in the world we’re living in today is, as I’ve come to learn, influenced by one’s knowledge that you do indeed hold so much capability and thus have so much to offer.
That should be shaped and propelled by what one defines change as and the cost of it because unlike the one major fault the ruling party has missed, change does come with a high price.